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Relaible Maid Services has provides house maid services, baby care, patient care, old age care, cook services in the Mumbai. Our experience in domestic cleaning services has taught us that every home is as unique as the people living there. Relaible Maid Services trained and uniformed staff offer the very highest standards of service, leaving you with a fresh smelling and beautifully clean home every time.

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Best Maid Agency in Mumbai

Every family requires a maid for one or more reasons. It could be anything like house cleaning, full-time home care, cooking, babysitting, or elderly care, etc. However, finding a perfect maid is one of the most difficult tasks for a large number of people. But now, you can get relief from this stress as we have undertaken your responsibility. Reliable maid service is one of the leading maid placement agencies in Mumbai. As the name suggests, you will find the most reliable and dedicated maids here. That’s why we are considered the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai.

You have to just register with our agency through phone call or website and we will search the best and appropriate maids based on your preferences. We have a large number of registered maids for different purposes and they all are very efficient, honest, and enthusiast about their work. Reliable maid agency is one of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. which is recognised for its wonderful services in the field of domestic work. We are providing our services to a lot of customers for many years. Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers and we perform our level best to fulfil all the needs of our customers in the minimum possible time.

What Are The Key Features of Our Company?

‘Reliable maid services’ is one of the renowned maid agencies in Mumbai. Our maid services are well-known for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness. There are many key features which contribute to making us one of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai.

  • We offer maid services for all your needs in the minimum possible rate.
  • We have registered, verified, and licensed maids available for your service.
  • Before hiring, all maids undergo a proper background check with all of their documents submitted with us.
  • You can book any maid with just one click.
  • All our domestic maids are efficient, educated, and well-trained according to the service they provide.
  • We believe in perfection and hence, we provide proper training to our staff by ourselves so that they will give the best services to our customers.
  • We have very affectionate and caring nannies for your children so that you can leave all your worries to them.
  • The extra care that your parents require is also provided by our caretakers very efficiently.
  • We have maids available for different time slots from which you can select the best maids which suits your timing.

Due to our amazing and outstanding services, we have reached the position of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. All of this is made possible only because of our hardworking and dedicated staff who work everyday with the same passion and honesty. We believe in gaining the trust of our customers through our services. Thus, we always try to gratify our customers by taking all their troubles on our shoulders so that they can enjoy their lives. We provide trustworthy and hygienic maids for full-time or part-time domestic help as per your requirement.

Full Time Maid Service In Mumbai

Nowadays, it looks like everyone keeps busy the whole day. Due to busy family life most of the women don’t get time to clean their house properly which in turn affects them with bad hygiene and poor health. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem and it is hiring a full-time maid in your house.

We are here to make your maid searching task much easier. We at Reliable maid services, provide Full Time Maid Services in Mumbai for anyone who is looking out for reliable maids. You can trust our service completely as we keep a track on our staff and get regular updates from our customers. We also consider their reviews and suggestions and always try to improve our services.

Whether you’re busy with your family, career or unable to complete all household tasks due to health issues, getting a Full Time Maid Services in Mumbai is going to be a lifesaver. Here are some valid reasons you may need to a hire full time maid.

Reasons To Hire A Full Time Maid:

  • If you are working full time and there is no one to take care of your house, then you need to hire a full-time maid.
  • If your schedule is already devastating and keeping the house in order becomes a serious task, then you can hire a full-time maid.
  • If you are not medically fit or energetic enough to carry out household cleaning tasks daily, you better opt for full time maid.
  • If you have a new born or an elderly person in your house, it becomes difficult to take care of them along with doing daily household chores. So, hire a full-time maid for housekeeping tasks and spend quality time with family.

Job Duties Of A Full Time Maid Service In Mumbai:

  1. Clean bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, washrooms, corridors, and other areas to meet health standards.
  2. Clean rugs, carpets, sofas, and other things using vacuum cleaners.
  3. Care for children and elderly members and assist them with dressing, bathing, eating, and other needs.
  4. Purchase groceries and household supplies and record expenditures.
  5. Sweep and polish floors.
  6. Keep storage areas and carts well-stocked, clean, and tidy.
  7. Iron and fold the washed cloths and keep in place.
  8. Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork whenever required.
  9. Cook and serve meals as per your choice.
  10. Wash dishes and clean kitchen etc.


  1. Opportunity to focus on important things-
    By hiring a full-time maid, you will get the opportunity to focus on more productive things that are going to improve your living standards without worrying about household chores.
  2. Any time availability-
    Full-time maids are available for 24×7 whenever you need them. In some case of emergency, they are always available to take care of your house and family members.
  3. They are professionals-
    They are well trained to do household chores professionally. You will also find your house neat and tidy because they have the skills to make your house look clean and attractive.
  4. Good relationship is maintained-

They learn about your schedule, likes and dislikes, your favorite food items, and other things which help them to serve you appropriately and maintain a healthy relation.

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